Lake Gaston



Lake Gaston Real Estate

Real Estate in Lake Gaston continues to develop as a quiet, quaint resort community for those seeking relaxation from fast-paced lifestyles. Lake Gaston was created by the construction of Gaston Dam in 1963. Located on the North Carolina – Virginia state line, the lake runs into Mecklenburg and Brunswick counties in Virginia and Warren, Halifax, and Northamption in North Carolina.

Lake Gaston Homes

Today Lake Gaston Homes provide residence to around 150,000 people. The lake itself is approximately 20,000 acres and 34 miles long in size. Lake Gaston begins at the John H. Kerr Dam (Kerr Lake), built in 1953 for flood control. Below Gaston is Roanoke Rapids Lake, a smaller lake built in 1955 to generate hydroelectric power. The normal water height of Lake Gaston is 200 feet above sea level and generally the water level fluctuates only slightly because of Gaston water level regulations. Lake Gaston is well-stocked with game fish, making it a sportsman’s haven for fishing.

Lake Gaston Properties

There are hundreds of properties around Lake Gaston, with homes occupied both full-time by and seasonally. There is always a good selection of lakeside rental properties. Lake Gaston has a few campgrounds and only a minimum number of public facilities on the lake.

Eaton’s Ferry Bridge is the only midpoint lake crossing and divides the lake into its four quadrants (NE, SE, NW, and SW). Thousands of people are lured to Lake Gaston each year for special events, like the July 4th Fireworks Display held annually at the bridge. Both visitors and those choosing to settle along the shorelines are shifting the Lake Gaston economy away from its historical significance to one thriving on tourism and entertainment.